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The rapid menopausal decrease of estrogen significantly contributes to the hormonal skin aging. By the use of corresponding estrogen hormone creams thickness and elasticity of the skin can be improved, and also skin dryness as well as wrinkle depth can be reduced. However, many women reject such hormone creams because of their potential risks.

Phyto estrogens provide an alternative and stand out due to their good effectiveness as well as due to their excellent compatibility and safety. A variety of plant foods contain phyto estrogens and especially the isoflavones which are tried and tested for their effect on the skin. Soy beans show the highest content of isoflavones and their extract is used in our CEROMONE preparations.

Genistein and Daidzein are the main ingredients of the isoflavones. These non-steroidal molecules have a structure similar to 17-ß-Estradiol and because of that they show an estrogen-like effect. They connect to the corresponding hormone receptors of the skin and by that unfold their effects. Very important: They accumulate in the skin and do not spread in the organism, so eventual systemic action with eventual side effects is prohibited.

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OxyBeauty Advanced Aesthetics Clinic, is a skin care clinic, based in Toronto, ON. They service the following areas: Barrie, New Market, Whitby, Oshawa, Oakville, Ajax, Pickering & the GTA.