FAQs by OxyBeauty Advanced Aesthetics Clinic

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on OxyJet.

How is BEAUTY-TOX applied?

There are 3 different products all including Argireline and additionally collagen stimulating active ingredients.

BEAUTY-TOX JET has to be applied with the Bode OXYjet in order to create a deposit of the active ingredients in the deep skin layers. At least 3 treatments in 2 weeks are recommended.

BEAUTY-TOX SPLENDID has to be applied to the problem areas twice a day (at home).

BEAUTY-TOX CARE is a fluid which has to be applied all over the face, neck and décolleté.

Why is it important to have the OXYjet treatment in the salon?

A deposit of the active ingredients is formed deep in the skin, which cannot be washed away by cleansers or peeling products. So the active ingredients can work properly.

Is it possible to treat the client's skin individually depending on the skin status?

Yes, of course. So, if the skin is dry and mature, it may be necessary to combine the BEAUTY-TOX pressure injection with the Anti Age treatment containing phytoestrogens and special lipids.

Why is it important to use the BEAUTY-TOX homecare products?

By the use of the homecare products the deposit of the active ingredients will be stabilized and the time before further pressure injections are needed will be extended.

When will the client see the first results?

After about 14 days a first reduction of the wrinkles' size and depth should be noticeable, only of course if the products have been applied in a proper way.

What is the optimal age for the use of BEAUTY-TOX?

BEAUTY-TOX is a product made for all ages. Young skin will have an effective prevention against wrinkles caused by the contractions of muscles of facial expression. Mature skin will have the advantage of a reduction of wrinkles' depth and size and additionally regain its young appearance by increased collagen formation.

How does BEAUTY-TOX work?

Unlike traditional substances which paralyse the facial muscles, BEAUTY-TOX is non-paralytic and relaxes the facial muscles. Over time, this relaxation significantly diminishes the depth and size of wrinkles.

Are there any risks of side-effects?

There are no side-effects. But, like with all skin products, allergic reactions cannot be excluded. Discontinue use if signs of irritation develop.

Is it possible to use BEAUTY-TOX after a traditional substances' injection?

Why not. These products are compatible and don't disturb each other. Probably the result of the injection of a product based on nerve-paralytic action will be improved, because BEAUTY-TOX additionally stimulates the formation of collagen and Hyaluronic acid.

How long will the result of the BEAUTY-TOX treatment last?

As long as the homecare products are applied twice a day it is sufficient to have a refreshening pressure injection of BEAUTY-TOX after 2 months.

How much time is needed before the final result is coming?

After about 6-8 weeks the final result of the muscle relaxing effect can be seen. Some weeks more are needed for the increased collagen formation. This is why it is so important to continue use of the homecare products.

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