About OxyBeauty: First Canadian OXYJet Advanced Aesthetics Clinic in Toronto,ON

Dr. Dolzhykov, skin care professional in Toronto,ON welcomes you to OxyBeauty!

Dr. Yuriy M. Dolzhykov, M.D., Ph.D., Dr.Acu., D.N.M.

Dr. Yuriy M. Dolzhykov is the President and Medical Director of OxyBeauty clinic. He is the first physician who brings Needleless OXYjet Mesotherapy to Canada, and holds office in the Canadian Board of Mesotherapy. He holds the Medical Doctor Diploma, the Doctor of Philosophy Diploma in Medical Science, the "Diplôme de Formation Spécialisée Approfondie" from Paris VII Denis Diderot University, the Doctor of Acupuncture and the Doctor of Natural Medicine diplomas. Dr. Dolzhykov is not registered as FRCSC and FRCPC.

Europe-trained specialist, Dr. Dolzhykov has 35-years' experience in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He was trained in France with Dr. Le Coz, the President of the French Board of Mesotherapy. He also received training from Nora Bode Kosmetik - the inventor of OXYjet technology - at their facilities in Germany.

An accomplished speaker, Dr. Dolzhykov has given a number of talks to the scientific community. He holds 16 invention patents and made over 25 scientific publications.

A crystal clear and down-to-earth communicator, Dr. Dolzhykov was featured on television and radio in the Toronto area, to present the OxyBeauty clinic and the latest cosmetic procedures available there.

He speaks English, French, Russian and Ukrainian.

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If you want to ask Dr. Dolzhykov,
skin care professional in Toronto,ON,
a question or to schedule a consultation,
Please call: 416-929-4597, or
Email: info@oxybeauty.com

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OxyBeauty Advanced Aesthetics Clinic, is a skin care clinic, based in Toronto, ON. They service the following areas: Barrie, New Market, Whitby, Oshawa, Oakville, Ajax, Pickering & the GTA.